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GTB® Steel Process & Quality

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Our Cutting-Edge Process

Microprocessor-based, Programmable Logical Controlled (PLC) re-heating furnace is used for heating billets sourced from prime steel mills and then rolled through a series of mill stands, progressively reducing the section to end size and shape range to produce bars at controlled temperatures. Subjecting to THERMEX Thermomechanical Process immediately after the bars leave their final stand while achieving the desired result of finished GTB® TMT RB500 steel bars of profound quality.

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Mechanical Properties
Grade 500B
SLS 375:2009
RB 500
Typical Value
Yield Strength
500 (min)500 (min)500 (min)
UTS (N/mm2)106% of YS (min)105% of YS (min)620 (min)
Total Elongation
at Fracture
Not Specified14% (min)14% (min)
Total Elongation
at maximum force
5.0% (min)2.5% (min)8% (min)
Chemical Properties
Grade 500B
SLS 375:2009
RB 500
Typical Value
Carbon0.24% max0.24% max0.23% max
ManganeseNot SpecifiedNot Specified0.50% – 1.00%
Sulphur0.055% max0.055% max0.05% max
Phosphorus0.055% max0.055% max0.05% max
Higher Tensile Strength

GTB® TMT RB500 steel bars with a yield point of not less than 500 enables structural engineers designing RCC structures using 8% less steel without compromising on the strength.

More Corrosion Resistance

Precise control of the ThermoMechanical Treatment process results in a uniform and thick Martensite layer free of residual stresses and the dense oxide layer around the bar remains intact in the process. The martensite layer and preserved oxide layer improve the corrosion resistance property of GTB® TMT RB500 bars.

Surpassing Quality Standards

Highest quality standards maintained at GTB® Steel conforms to international standards. Rigorous tests, strictest controls and monitoring of input and production throughout the production process of GTB® TMT RB500 steel bars surpass the standards.

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