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About Us

Trust Your Self . . . . Trust GTB..

Promoted in 1999 as one of the largest Indo-Lanka BOI Joint Ventures to manufacture and market GTB Brand Reinforcement Bars by Industrialists having over 60 years of experience in Steel Industry. Leading Sri Lankan Financial Institutions: DFCC Bank and Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka took equity position in the Joint Venture.

Most modern and sophisticated Rolling Mill was established in Sri Lanka to manufacture and market Reinforcement Bars under License from Tor-Isteg Steel Corporation, Luxemburg and Tor Steel Research Foundation of India, under Brand GTB TOR.

In short span of time, GTB. established itself as market leader in Sri Lanka producing Reinforcement Steel in sizes 8mm to 40mm confirming to SLS 375:2009 as well BS 4449:1990 Standards. Company is certified under ISO 9008:2008 Management Systems by Indian Register Quality Systems.

Company was first to manufacture and market, in Sri Lanka, TMT (Thermo Mechanically Treated), the new generation Reinforcement Steel Bars with superior mechanical properties and economy in use over conventional Reinforcement Bars.

TMT Reinforcement Steel Bars are recognized throughout the world as superior construction steel compared to conventional Cold Twisted Deformed (CTD) Steel Bars with distinct advantages of Higher Bond Strength, Excellent Bendability, Superior Weldability, Higher Corrosion Resistance, and other qualities.


GTB Steel Corporation (PVT) Ltd.

Have used THERMEX Thermo Mechanical Process developed by QEK, Germany for production of High Strength Deformed Bars that meet all the requirements of Civil Engineering Industry, viz. high yield strength, ductility, weldability and elongation values, which leading Structural Engineers expect from a technically superior processing technology.